AMA recap: P2PGO with global communities

2020 is going to the end. Despite of the COVID-19 pandemic, P2PGO has achieved incredible progress in research and development, business expansion as well as global public & investor relation. This November comes to us with a lot of exciting things. P2PGO wants to share and cheer with our investors and supporters around the world via an AMA on 29th November, 2020. Here is the recap.

Session 1: Guest introduction and P2PGO


Hello everyone, welcome to AMA of P2PGO with global communities in Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. Tonight we have a distinguished guest, Mr. Benjamin Leff (Bussines Develoment Director).

Hello Ben, please introduce yourself and P2PGO project.


Hello everyone, I am Benjamin Leff, the Business Development Director of P2PGO Tech. company, Singapore. I have many years of experience in finance and business, blockchain startup and crypto currencies since 2015. I worked for many blockchain companies, including business development for Kraken, a top global crypto exchange. Thank you very much for joining us today, it is community members like you that keep us inspired to work so hard. We are honored to present P2PGO today.

P2PG0 has been operating in the DeFi space for years now and is proud to bring together some of the most advanced technology in the world to make money lending and money remittance globally possible.

Our mission is to provide truly decentralized finance on a global scale. We are accomplishing this vision region-by-region, starting in Southeast Asia.

We have accomplished a tremendous amount of successes this year, despite the difficult COVID pandemic. We launched on global markets, listed on a prominent Korean Exchange, Foblgate, advanced and updated our lending portal and added more listings on major exchanges, such as VCC.

Our crypto lending portal is an essential component of P2PGO. It is a matching platform that connects lenders and borrowers; money senders, escrows and receivers, empowered by blockchain, enhanced by AI and bigdata technologies (the most advanced technologies nowadays). All transactions are decentralized and recorded on public blockchain, hence, transparent, immutable, always available and traceable.

Our crypto lending portal is up and running, you can visit to create an account and see our program in action!

On top of the lending portal, we have created the Bee Bank at the first step to digital & crypto banking era. The Bee Bank has three different levels of Savings: Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire.

Savings is paid back on maturity. Interest is paid permanently to the investors until the 2% allocation (12 million tokens) for community development spent out.

We have expanded our international partnerships to grow not just our technology, but our communities as well. We take pride in growing our company organically with strategic partners who ensure P2PGO is using the best advantages available. On Friday 27 November, we launched the gaming and gambling portal as an exclusive platform using P2PGO token as utility.

Moving into 2021 we will officially launch our native blockchain for P2PG Lending! Further down the roadmap, we will be creating very advanced technology including a lending dAPP for iOS and Android devices! Future pricing will also be developed on our native blockchain lending platform.

Finally, we will initiate our AI Reputation Score and Credit System to assess and rate escrow services for money lenders and money borrowers on P2PGO’s blockchain. This is a tremendous accomplishment as no other company is utilizing this technology to assign reputation and credit to users on the platform. This creates a stronger, more robust environment for everyone to participate in more safely!

We will be expanding internationally as global markets begin to open again, with the goal of establishing the P2PGO ecosystem throughout all of Asia, then Europe and the United States. P2PGO follows all regulations and we do this to ensure the highest safety any security is used by our team for our clients.

I would love to take some additional questions now!

Session 2 (questions)

Host: A question from Korea. How are you planning to promote your project in different countries, wherein English is not spoken well? Do you have a local communities for them to better understand your project?

We plan to establish an Ambassador program in different countries so local community members can lead P2PGO development efforts in that region.

Ambassadors will be able to communicate with us as a team then spread the message locally through meet-ups and educational sessions. This not only helps on board people in countries that do not speak English, it helps build our global ecosystem.

Host: A question from Indonesia. We know Ethereum blockchain currently has many scalability issues. What’s the main reason behind $P2PG choosing Ethereum blockchain?

As P2PGO has been in business for several years, the Ethereum blockchain has always been the dominant one in building out decentralized applications. As mentioned, scalability has become an issue and Ethereum 2.0 will hopefully fix that. However, P2PGO is developing our own blockchain so that we do not have to rely on Ethereum or any other network that has heavy fees and transaction times. The P2PGO blockchain will be extremely fast and secure, and of course will utilize the P2PG token.

Host: A question from Thailand. In Blockchain Industry there are 3 core issues: security, scalability and interoperability which will bring competitive advantages to blockchain projects. So, how does P2PGO Project will solve these problem?

Many people will agree that those issues are concerns, however I would say that blockchain itself is not a security problem. Most of the of money stolen has come from hackers and scammers, not from people performing a 51% attack on a blockchain. With that said, I believe blockchain is the answer to security. Actually, I believe blockchain is the answer to all three of these concerns addressed.

Blockchain is designed to scale, especially on a decentralized network. This is the beauty of blockchain, it can be adapted and used for so many purposes and for companies of any size. Blockchain itself, as we have seen in the past, can have a hard fork if the community decides token fundamentals need to change, and that upgrades like SegWit for BTC have made transactions faster and more secure. By using even more advanced technology, P2PGO will remain on the cutting edge, always ensuring that our customers remain safe, our product remains secure and scalable, and that our blockchain can communicate with others. This is done through the power of smart contracts as we have seen with the booming DeFi yield farming. Sophisticated smart contracts can be created to address the issue of interoperability, even bitcoin can be wrapped into Ethereum and converted into BTC!

Host: A question from Vietnam. International money remittance and capital flows are fast, cheap and secure via P2PGO platform. Can you tell us some of the real world applications of P2PGo Capital? How does it applied to some international money remittance? Do you have a physical office and branches?

As you rightly pointed out, international money remittance is made cheap and secure on the P2PGO platform. The company does have an office in Singapore and Vietnam. P2PGO allows access to capital by using our decentralized ecosystem and AI rating/credit scoring to ensure that platform users are able to send a receive money in the form of P2PG tokens around the world quickly.

International money remittance is a long process as it requires licenses from every country. We are extremely proud to have these licenses in several countries in Southeast Asia and will be obtaining additional licenses as we expand globally to make secure and cheap international money remittance a reality.

Session 3: free asking

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